Homeowner Appraisal Inspection Tool

A simple, free and secure way to quickly request and receive interior appraisal info and photos from home occupants. All you need is a property address and the occupant's contact information, and you can get started right away.

ownerinsight homeowner appraisal tool to help appraisers

Built to
Mitigate Fraud

Real-time, geolocated and time-stamped images protect against fraudulent use. Homeowner/Occupant required to certify and agree that they have disclosed all materials facts and the information is true and correct prior to submission.

homeowner inspection fraud prevention

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use OwnerInsight on all my assignments?

Yes. OwnerInsight can be utilized to provide supplemental information on any report. However, OwnerInsight can only be used in lieu of a physical inspection on specific orders with the approval from the lender/client. These GSE and FHA approved forms require use of modified Scope of Work, Statement of assumptions and Limiting Conditions, and Certifications.

Is OwnerInsight USPAP compliant?

Yes, providing the appraiser reasonably believes the information provided to be reliable, it may be used in the report in accordance with USPAP. The appraiser must ensure that the degree of inspection is sufficient for the appraiser to understand the subject property’s relevant characteristics, so the appraiser can develop a credible appraisal.

Additionally, per USPAP, the appraisal must contain a signed certification that clearly states whether the appraiser has or has not personally inspected the subject property.

Does the lender, AMC or appraiser order the OwnerInsight inspection?

OwnerInsightTM can be ordered by the lender, AMC and appraiser, depending on the process that your lender and AMC implement. Clear Capital makes OwnerInsightTM available through a website order form at getownerinsight.com and API access at https://docs.api.clearcapital.com/

Does my lender allow the use of OwnerInsight?

Please check with your lender directly as their credit policy may differ for agency and non-agency loans. Guidance for lenders and appraisers is available from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, FHA/HUD, USDA and VA.

Do I still need to do an interior inspection if I use OwnerInsight?

OwnerInsight homeowner inspections do not automatically replace the need for interior inspections. Specific loan criteria dictate whether an in-person appraiser interior inspection is required or if an alternative desktop or exterior only option is allowed. Knowing the loan details, the lender/client will determine the appropriate appraisal type.

What does Clear Capital do with the data and images?

Clear Capital retains the rights to the data and images collected with the OwnerInsight inspection. We provide a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, license to use the Information in the report as well as the services, for the purpose of facilitating a valuation or inspection report on the subject property.

Why don’t you charge for OwnerInsight? When do you plan to start charging?
Clear Capital developed OwnerInsight to support our clients, appraisal partners and the mortgage industry during this unprecedented time. We are providing OwnerInsight as a free tool and service to keep industry participants safe and help qualified mortgage transactions move forward. There are no plans to start charging for OwnerInsight.
How are you safeguarding the security and privacy of the data and images?
OwnerInsight has appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect the security, confidentiality, and integrity of customer information.
What investors have approved OwnerInsight?
Multiple lenders and investors are already utilizing OwnerInsight in their appraisals today. Please check with your lender/client directly to see if OwnerInsight is appropriate for a particular order.
What financial regulators and agencies have approved OwnerInsight?

In accordance with USPAP and with reference to the recent GSE, FHA and VA guidance, there is no requirement for regulators or agencies to specifically approve OwnerInsight. Appraisers may speak to and gather information from property homeowners, occupants points-of-contact, etc, in the formulation of their reports.

When will OwnerInsight be available for other valuation products?
The plan is that OwnerInsight will be used by real-estate professionals to collect information, data and images to augment alternative valuation products.
Can OwnerInsight be used on other property types, such as commercial, multi-family and condos?
OwnerInsight is designed for residential properties. In addition to single family residences, it can be used to inspect condos, and townhomes. It could also be used for data collection and photos on 2-4 unit properties.
Can I use OwnerInsight reverse mortgages?

Yes, the FHA is allowing appraisal flexibility on Reverse HECM mortgages as well as Forward mortgages. The appraisal requirements depend on the loan type and other factors, so please check with your lender if you have questions about the order.

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